Mobile Outfitters, the award winning mobile device protection providers now lands in Kerala. With the original, highly demanded Clear-Coat Screen 360º full Body Protection and exclusive skins for mobile devices, Mobile Outfitters aim at pioneering Kerala’s mobile protection accessories market. Combined with our lifetime guarantee, professional installation and 100% customizable Phone protection you’ll quickly see why millions have chosen us.

Our Story

Our Story

We started as 2 guys wanting to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen, and manufacture it in the USA. Back in 2007 we began manufacturing and selling Clear-Coat on our website, and backed it up with our Lifetime Guarantee. We realized there were two problems, however. First, everyone hates putting screen protectors on - you get bubbles, dust, or it just isn’t aligned right. Second, when things go wrong, customers have nowhere to turn. In 2009, we opened our first mall location to solve both of these problems. We wanted to give the customer the best possible experience with our products and by professionally installing them and being there to replace it at any time, we could do exactly that. Fast forward a few years, and you can now find our products in 600+ locally-owned kiosks spanning 44 countries


Our Features

Locally sourced, USA made


Utilizing patented technology, Clear-Coat adds a layer of protection that’s practically invisible, covering the front, back and sides of your mobile device.


Get a scratch in your Clear-Coat? Accidentally peeled it off? No worries - you can get a replacement at any time, for any reason, at a local mall kiosk or online.


Most people don’t like installing their phone skin or screen protector - but we do! Let our professional staff put it on right. With over 300 locations in 35 countries, we probably have a mall kiosk near you.


Expertly designed and precision cut. Whether you have a tablet, watch, cell phone, laptop or practically anything else you can imagine, we make a Clear-Coat for it.


All of our products are proudly made in the USA , in our Philadelphia headquarters and parts are sourced as locally as possible.


Don’t let it fool you, Clear-Coat is thin but mighty thanks to military grade strength.


Our unique Clear-Coat products protect not just the screen, but the entire device including back, sides and front for invisible, bulk-free protection. Protect your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatchs and more from scratches without a case. Clear-Coat is so thin you'll hardly notice it's there. With Clear Coat your device is totally protected against scratches and also has self healing patented technology. Powered by patented technology, military-grade materials, USA manufacturing and a Lifetime Waranty - our custom screen protectors and full body covers can be professionally installed at one of our 500+ mall kiosks across the globe.

You’ve got your own style, and so should your mobile. Our mobile skins seamlessly change the look of your phone to make it yours. Style Skins gives you an endless palette to make your phone match you: RealFeel gives you the look and feel of actual Leather, Carbon Fiber, and Wood. Aurora is an out-of-this-world color shifting skin, and the latest in-fashion solids can be found in DRESSCODE. What to do when you’re bored of this style? Leather today, solids tomorrow? That’s cool. We know that it’s pretty fun to change your style from time to time.


One of the new features of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models differs from previous models is that its back is made of glass. How are you going to protect the back of the new iPhone? You could buy a massive case to protect it, but you’ve just paid a hefty price for the latest iPhone only to cover it up with a bulky case. Mobile Outfitters has launched Fusion 360° Protection as a solution to protecting your latest iPhone. With Fusion 360° Protection, iPhone owners now have full body protection for the screen, sides and glass back. Fusion 360° Protection includes a FUSION Screen Protector, FUSION Back Protection and FUSION Bumper for full impact protection without bulk. Fusion 360° Protection is as strong as any impact case out there, but lets you show off your phone without covering it in a hefty case. For all other previous versions of iPhone we have the Fusion screen protector and Fusion Bumpers to take care of these devices as well.

Our Fusion Bumper has specially designed pockets, called Corner Cushions™ to protect your screen from impact everytime - no matter how you drop it. Total protection against all types of Impact and allowing access to all your buttons! The Fusion Bumper has been designed with patented cushioned corners to absorb impact unlike other bumpers on the market which are cosmetic.Available in Jet Black and Transparent Colour. Available for Iphone & selected Samsung model.



Our mission is to inspire our customers by sharing our entrepreneurial spirit through innovative products, and we do so by making our products top notch. Hear what our clients have to say about us.

I've been an avid customer for years now. The product is unmatched by any other in terms of protection and feel. I have always recommended Clear-Coat to any friend spending top money on a phone or gadget. #fanforlife



As usual, the best screen protectors on the planet. Tried all of the competitors through the years, extremely dissappointing. Clear-coat is by far the best.



I just purchased my full body protection and I think it will be my only choice in the future. I originally have ZAGG glass protector but the glass always broke which very frustrated me. I would recommend my friends to buy clear-coat.